About Us

At CPN 101, our mission is to empower pediatric nurses with comprehensive, expert-driven CPN exam preparation tools. We strive to foster knowledge, build confidence, and transform aspirations into achievements, nurturing excellence in pediatric nursing.

CPN Prep

Your Launchpad to Pediatric Nursing Mastery

Welcome to CPN 101, your devoted ally on the journey to a career in pediatric nursing. While we are not medical practitioners, we are educators and entrepreneurs committed to excellence in nursing preparation. Our mission? To make your CPN exam preparation as efficient, effective, and stress-free as possible. 

Why CPN 101?

We believe in the inherent potential for excellence in everyone; they simply require the right resources and direction. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve crafted a platform that’s uniquely designed to address the varied needs of CPN exam candidates.

Why Choose CPN 101?

Targeted Practice Questions

Hone your knowledge with our curated library of practice questions that simulate the CPN exam environment.

Unlimited Attempts

Mastery comes with practice. That's why we offer unlimited attempts at our practice exams. Test and retest your knowledge with no limits — every attempt is a new opportunity to improve.

Personalized Progress Reports

Stay informed about your preparation journey with detailed emailed reports. Understand your strengths to build confidence and your weaknesses to focus your study.

Instant Feedback

Learn from both your triumphs and mistakes immediately. Our real-time feedback on correct and incorrect answers means you’re always a step closer to mastery with each question you answer.


Trusted by Students

“In three months, I aced my CPN exam with confidence, thanks to the targeted questions and constant feedback from this program.”

John H., Pediatric Nurse

“With countless practice attempts, the CPN exam felt familiar, turning me from an aspirant into a certified nurse.”

Emily T., Registered Nurse

“The emailed exam breakdowns transformed my weak areas into strengths, turning my CPN exam dream into reality.”

Michael R., Clinical Nurse Specialist

“This program was more than a study aid; it was a partner offering constant support and comprehensive preparation for my CPN exam.”

Sarah L., Nurse Practitioner